Having had one of my packages refused by the tub of lard behind the counter at the Post Office at the Jewel/ASDA Edinburgh, on the evening of 8th October 2013,

as "she" insisted it was too long (the package was 24": yet the Royal Mail PLC limit is 72"), I will now  ONLY  be mailing my goods by private couriers in ALL possible cases.

Royal Mail PLC will be purely used as a last resort if no other service provider can be found


MyHermes has, so far, been a great success as a courier.
A fully tracked service, with up to £50 compensation as standard,
the option of collection from my own doorstep for an extra 30p or so...

They even changed the printer option settings on my account,
so I can print smaller dedicated address/barcode labels using my Brother QL printer.
The labels come on a roll and just peel off then stick on the package. Very neat!


Due to recent issues with an Ebay buyer, Ebay & Canada Post - I no longer ship to CANADA