Magazine Carrier - Ruger 10/22 & BRNO/CZ rimfire

Made to carry several rifle or pistol magazines for Police Pistol & mini Service Rifle type competitions
Several of this pattern of ammunition carrier have been sold to the members of the local pistol club that shoot Gallery Rifle events at Bisley & elsewhere,
some representing the Scottish Team at such events
Designed to hold 2, 3 or 4 magazines side by side...or more, if required

Available for the following
Ruger 10/22 & 77/22
BRNO/CZ 452/453/455 & 511/581
GSG MP5 & 1911
other sizes by request

The basic design has fixed belt loops and is available in tan/brown, black or in an undyed natural leather.
They can also be made with press stud fitted belt loops to allow easier fitting/removal from the belt.

Standard Double Pouch - 10/22 type - no flaps

Double carrier for 5 & 10-shot CZ magazines
(both sizes fit the same pouch)

A quad carrier, the usual more basic design, but this time in a non-standard shade of green!
Quad carriers are £45
Triple carriers - not shown - are £40

Quad carrier - a light tan version
for a better idea of the style preferred by regular club shooters

A double carrier for 10/22 magazines, with additional flaps
Double carriers as shown below are £45