Swedish Mauser - M96 Rifle & M38 Carbine

Having recently been asked to make one of these, I now have a suitable template & notes, so thought I should also offer these to anyone else requiring one...

Rather than waste money on some of the ex-military slings, that for the most part have seen much better days and are barely usable, treat your Swede to a newly manufactured hand-sewn leather sling.
The brass fittings used are originals, sourced on my trips to Sweden.
The leather is the correct thickness, sewn the correct way round.
...basically, as with the rest of my items, these are closest you will come to travelling back in time to be issued with a new leather sling by the unit quartermaster!!


PICS to follow


Original, unissued, genuine Swedish Army M96 slings are now also available.
These are from recent stores closures, as the Swedish army is presently downsizing/streamlining, so some warehouses have been closed
& during this process any older stocks of equipment were sold to dealers.


E-mail me for information...