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WW1 - British - 1903 & 1914 Pattern belts

THE basic belt seen in many stills photographs from the pre-WW1 era and also in images from the Great War & WW2.

The 1903 Pattern belt is STILL in the UK issue system over 110 years later...not a bad service life for any piece of equipment;
proof, if it were needed that a good design stands the test of time!!

The belt was very basic & required a minimum of skilled labour to make.
As a departure from normal belts, the buckle was not sewn in, instead the leather flap was tucked underneath, held by the running keeper.
The buckle end of the belt was also unusual in having two tongue holes for the buckle instead of one.

The original size chart for 1914 Pattern belts, this from 1915
The sizes above are the total overall length, including the buckle end.
Extra large 52"
Large 48"
Small 42"

I can make this pattern of belt to the above sizes & original specification, using the correct pattern of solid brass buckle.
Mine are supplied in natural veg. tanned leather, as per the originals & they will be marked with a correct Broad Arrow stamp.
I also have a set of WW1 leather stamps so can add years/dates, etc. if so required

£40 each