UK - Golok No.2 - Martindale

A mainstay of the British Army of the post-war period, the Martindale made GOLOK No.2 has seen service in most of the world &
was even used by the Australian Army in VietNam

The main problem with this machete, as with most others, is that the scabbard needs to be the length of the blade to do its job of retaining it.
This also means that the scabbard has the negative effect of also making drawing the blade somewhat slow and awkward - sometimes even requiring the use of two hands.

The scabbards I make are based on a Dutch army pattern;
instead of all the outer edges being sewn, only the cutting edge side of the scabbard and the tip are sewn, the blunt side is left open.
Adding a very secure Lift-the-Dot fastener on a thumb strap means that the scabbard is 100% effective at keeping the Golok secured,
but once the strap has been undone the Golok comes freely out of the scabbard for instant use.

The thread used is heavily waxed nylon - so will be rot proof for many years.
All sewing is done by the saddle-stitch technnique to keep the scabbard in one piece even if some of the thread is damaged.
Lift-the-Dot fasteners should need no introduction: possibly the most modern 100 year old design out there!!

from £ 45

The example shown below is a tan bridle leather, other colours are available by request