WW2 - US - Randall Fighter

Based on original versions of the Randall Fighter scabbards, as seen more commonly now in museums & private collections.
(By pure co-incidence one of the original makers of Randall Knife scabbards was a man called Clarence MOORE.)

Sewn as closely to WW2 style examples as possible, using waxed cotton thread, edges creased, dyed & polished,
plus all the old-time saddler's finishing touches applied;  just as they would have been 70+ years ago, 
such as the stitching pattern to the lower part of the belt loop, etc.

The main source for the style & design features of the scabbard shown below,
were photos of the Randall knife carried by General James Gavin of the 82nd Airborne on D-Day.

The scabbard shown is without the stone pocket - as both styles were in existence simultaneously - it & safely houses an 8" Model 1.
This scabbard was made for a trip to Normandy & worn in the field for a week.

It IS a left handed scabbard, NOT for a left-handed user:
such knives were commonly worn on the opposite side to the M1916 Holster; which was designed to be worn on the right hip.


Right-handed or left-handed (as seen below) versions are available.
Leather can be the Dark Havanna shown here, a mid-tan, or a light Russet hide that will age/darken with use.

£ p.o.a.
(a made to order item)