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WW2 - German - E.M. & N.C.O. Leather Belts

Basic Enlisted Man Belt

These are made to the correct dimensions, the correct thickness of leather (4mm to 4.5mm) in the correct size ranges (though other waist sizes can also be supplied)
The closest you can get to being issued a belt as a new recruit in the Wehrmacht...

Belts are supplied in either black or brown/tan colour, with either a restored WW2 belt hook or an accurate reproduction of one.
Belt edges are dyed and burnished.
Inner tongues are die stamped, with the tongues being copied from those in genuine wartime belts.
The belt size is also stamped into the belt.
All sewing on the belts is done by hand using correct waxed cotton thread. 

The buyer must supply his/her own branch of service belt buckle.

£45 each including postage