Under Part 6 the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005, most Local Authorities in the UK have in place various Dog Control Orders.

Aside from being obliged to clean up after your dog, the Dog Control Orders also state that any dog in a public place must be on a lead.

The fines for non-compliance can be severe.


If you are tired of paying good money for mass produced leads and collars which fall apart within a few months,

then I can offer a choice of designs that are not only hand made, but made to last.


The leather I use in leads is a special type that is triple tanned for extra strength.

The leather supplier guarantees that this leather will never break in use,

as it has a massive breaking strain rating compared to normal saddlery leather.


My POLICE DOG type lead is built to an established time-proven design & allows for the length adjustment ; 

it's also long enough to wear over the shoulder.

I have supplied these in the past to serving Police Dog Handlers, as mine were better quality than their department's issued leads.



I offer a wide choice of dog collars (the largest of which I have made to date was for a 48" neck); from puppy & toy dog size, up to Bull Mastiff types.

Collars can also be embossed with the dog owners name/postcode, to comply with UK law (Control of Dogs Order 1992);

though if embossing is done there can be no refund on the collar in the event that you provided incorrect size information.