WW2 - US
Stiletto Knife:
U.S.M.C. "Marine Raider" versions

All three "M. H. Cole" versions of this scabbard are available to order; other known variants can also be supplied.

The "M.H. Cole  - Type 1" - has metal plates, throat staples & lacing eyelet.

The "M.H. Cole  - Type 2" - has no metal plates, but does have the throat staples & lacing eyelet.

The "M.H. Cole  - Type 3" - has metal plates, but no throat staples & no lacing eyelet.


IF there is any interest, I may also make the green version,

BUT ONLY AFTER I have verified the method used (paint?)



These scabbards are £55 each

- the same as the M6 scabbards I make -

(approx. US $90/ Swedish 600Kr / Euro €70)

includes world wide postage


Other versions aside from those shown in the M.H. Cole books are also available.

IF you have such a request please let me know,

citing which reference book/source, page numbers, etc.


Based on the British issue Fairbairn Sykes commando dagger, the United States Marine Corps adopted a similar knife for their "Marine Raider" & "Paramarine" units.

Made by CAMILLUS Cutlery, the "Force Raider" knife had a very similar blade to the British commando dagger,

but a zinc handle that was cast as a single piece (& proved to be brittle under some field use).


The scabbards used for the Marine Corps stiletto came in several varieties & versions,

from a basic un-modified M6 scabbard, to the more common "M6 inspired" issue scabbards:

the issue scabbards themselves can be found in three or four main varieties:

plain designs, versions with reinforcing plates (as per the M6), versions with different metal fittings/rivets used....

and quite a variety of taper angles to the lower part of the scabbard body from almost parallel like the original M6, to almost pointed.

A very closely related scabbard to the "Marine Raider" was also  issued by the U.S. Navy,

or more correctly, the U.S.S. Omaha.

This scabbard was to take a batch of issued V-42 knives.

As there are only minor differences between these two versions,

I am also offering the U.S.S. Omaha V-42 scabbards too.

If you want a standard army issue,

1st Special Service Force "Devils Brigade" V-42 scabbard,

I can supply these scabbards as well.


As with my 20-yr M6 saga - the metal fittings ARE the devil in the detail

The (grainy) photograph below shows my FIRST production Raider Scabbard...a "Type 2"

Photo sent from the USA by it's very delighted owner!

Copper hose rivets are used for the main reinforcement areas, with smaller chromed rivets elsewhere.
Throat staples are the same type as the M6 scabbard, but 10 are used as opposed to 8 on most M6's.
Totally hand-built after exhaustive research & several template modifications & a LOT of problems with a fitting supplier...

(Note that as it is fixed to the wall with a cord, this is not how the scabbard would hang when worn on a pistol belt.)

More photos of Type 2, #1

(click them to zoom in for more detail)

Type 3, #1

Type 3*,  #1

A slight variant from the  M.H. Cole Type 3, as this has a lower eyelet...

Shown in the page header, second photo.

Two of my first Raider scabbards

- customer supplied photo -