WW2 - US
V-42: 1st Special Service Force "Devils Brigade" version

My reproduction 1st Special Service Force V-42 scabbards are kept as close to the original specifications as is possible without becoming outright fakes.

2 1/4" wide, 20" long, made from the correct thickness of vegetable tanned cow hide, with the correct pattern & placement of edge staples

(at least 3 varieties of edge staples are known to have been utilised in V-42 scabbard production)

This army issue V-42 scabbard has slightly different staples to the US Navy "USS Omaha" V-42 scabbard, plus is a much longer design -

for wear under the long cold weather parka issued to the 1st Special Service Force "Devils Brigade".

Some V-42 scabbards also had a similar metal plate to the M6 scabbards, though most versions were plain; I can supply either type.

Scabbards are MID-TAN/RUSSET 

- as per the photographs below -


The V-42 scabbards cost  £55 each

(including world wide postage)

This price is for the default model with plain edge-staples.

For the V-42 scabbards that require either of the "coffin style" staples, please add £5 extra per scabbard.
This is due to the cost of this type of staple & the longer fitting time required.

Other extras such as metal front/rear reinforcing plates can also be added by arrangement.

Personalisation & customised touches can also be added if desired.

One of the non-standard variants is shown below

(Knife NOT included)