Commercial - Stith 1" scope

A slight departure from the norm here - normally I list scope caps by naming the scope.

In this case I have to refer to the scope mount as it makes a difference to the dimensions of the scope due to how the 2 items interact.

The way that the STITH MOUNT worked was for the 1" dia front/objective of the scope to be enclosed in the body of the forward part of the STITH

This front section of the Stith mount was angled at a 45-degree upward slope,

so the original Stith mount had quite a complicated front cap assembly to deal with this...

(funnily enough, the original Stith Mount instruction sheet I have gets both the front angle and design of the scope caps wrong!)

I can make scope caps to suit most model of scope that will fit the STITH - it will just be a case of confirming a few dimensions depending on what model of scope you are using.

$110 a set