While initially not known for having a lot of weapons and equipment with which to defend the UK, the Home Guard did eventually have quite a selection of sometimes unique items at their disposal....and they became quite a large formidable force before eventual disbandment in 1945.

For the last few years I have been supplying my reproductions of some of this leather equipment to a UK based Home Guard unit, as well as individual re-enactors.

Even in the early LDV days, the most basic item issued would be a 1903 Pattern Leather belt.
The next most common item was the leather 1939 Pattern Frog for the sword bayonet.
Once uniforms became common, the Home Guard also used a distinctive pair of Leather Anklets.
I already make the leather slings that were commonly used on the Home Guard issued rifles, 
the more common example being the WW1 era 1914 Pattern.

More items are being researched and worked on, so keep an eye out for updates to this part of the website.
One item that should be completed for the 2024 show season is the rear canvas slider that is worn on the 1903 belt,
to take the canvas cross-straps.  The reproduction sliders presently available elsewhere are too narrow,
being based on a reproduction of the 1903 belt that is itself also too narrow!

Also, and again for the 1903 belt - though it can see use on the 1937 Pattern web belt too - is the leather Jack Knife Loop with spring clip, to allow easy carry of and access to the WD issued penknife - though again, as per a lot of Home Guard "issue", some men will have used the clip to carry either an older WW1 issued Jack Knife or one that came from a civilian source; once it was very common for every man to carry a pocket knife, as they were and handy tool for many daily chores and tasks. These have been on the books for a while, the problem is sourcing a suitable and period correct brass spring clip.