WW2 - German
E.M. & N.C.O. Leather Belts

Basic Enlisted Man Belt

These are made to the correct dimensions, using the correct thickness of leather (4mm to 4.5mm) in the correct size ranges
(though other waist sizes can also be supplied)

The closest you can get to being issued a belt as a new recruit in the Wehrmacht...be it Heer, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine, Waffen SS, etc.
These belts are really designed for hard use so will give the reenactor or other user many years of service without issue.

Belts are supplied in either black or brown/tan colour, with either a restored original WW2 belt hook or an accurate reproduction of one.
Belt edges are dyed and burnished.
Inner tongues are die stamped, with the tongues being directly copied from those in genuine wartime issued belts.
All sewing on the belts is done by hand using correct waxed cotton thread.

The belt size is also stamped into the belt....in cm, given the European origin of the original belts
& their aversion to Inches, esp. when in fractional form, such as .303".
There is also the option of other logos & maker marks to be added to the belt once completed.

£45 each including postage


These belts are supplied without a buckle, as per the images above.
If you require a buckle at the same time as ordering the belt, I now have a small supply of various reproduction buckle designs available to purchase. They are of the correct design and size to be a direct fit to the belt.
Once these buckles have been photographed and catalogued I will add a sub-page and hotlink