British - Victorian
Cavalry Carbine
(Snider & Martini-Henry)

British Snider/Martini-Henry Cavalry Carbine sling

How do you fit a sling to a carbine that is designed with no sling swivels?

The result is what is shown below - a 2 part sling that cleverly addresses the problem.

The long section slides onto the Cavalry Carbine from the muzzle end;

the loop section being of the required diameter to prevent the sling moving further to the rear.

The buckled shorter section of sling is looped over the hand of the stock & the running loop used to tension it & keep it in place

...the 2 parts of the sling then being fastened & adjusted as per the users preference.

£75 each

Normally supplied in buff leather, the example below was made of full grain bridle leather, for a shotgun shooter