Leather Cheekrests. W.W.1 - S.M.L.E., Pattern '14/U.S. M1917, U.S. M1903 Springfield: W.W.2 - No.4 (T), U.S. M1903A4, etc.

I make an accurate reproduction of the very rare leather cheekrests (kindstöd) that were designed to fit the Swedish m/41B Sniper rifle.

Several versions of leather cheekrest were produced, initially on a trial basis following WW2,

but they were never officially adopted for general issue

Se their dedicated page for more information on the design & its history, etc.

Due to the popularity of scopes on older vintage bolt action rifles I have been asked in several occasions to modify the Swedish cheekrest to fit non-Swedish rifles.

As a result of these small modifications I can now offer the same design of cheekrest for users of scoped S.M.L.E./No. 1 Mk.III's, Pattern '14/US M1917's & US M1903 Springfields.

As long as I have access to a stock, I can further modify this cheekrest to suit most period sniper & sporting rifles such as Mauser 98, Krag, Ross, Rigby, etc.


Some shooters wrongly assume that the Leather M1 Garand lace-on cheekrest is a viable option.

This was a design to place the shooters cheek to the left of the original stock, in order to line up better with the off-set scope.

(As the Garand still required loading from the top of the receiver with an 8-rd clip, which then forcibly ejects from the gun when empty.)

That cheekrest was NOT designed to give anything like added height that the Swedish pattern provides!


These cheekrests have a single rivet on each strap & solid brass buckles.

The leather is normally undyed, as it will take on a nice patina with use: they can of course be dyed to suit existing leather accessories.

Originals were either stuffed with foam or horsehair - my current offerings use a dense foam.

The lower/inner section closest to the stock is canvas lined & the cheekrest is completely sewn by hand using period correct waxed cotton thread.


Current Retail Price on these is £85

(US $145 / Swedish 900Kr / Euro €115)

inclusive of worldwide postage


A note from one of my customers in PA, regarding my reproduction cheekrests:

"Cheekrests with the M41B were a huge topic at the Camp Perry National Matches in Port Clinton, OH. 

They are used in the vintage sniper rifle match but the rules state that only cheek rests that are original to the rifle (repros ok) can be used. 

There are more than a few competitors that won't use the M41B because they don't know that a cheekrest is available. 

You might want to go on the CMP forum and let future competitors know that you sell them."

These cheekrests have been ruled as Civilian Marksmanship Program (C.M.P.) Legal, for Vintage Sniper Matches

...extract from the CMP Forum...

" To: mjohnson@thecmp.org

Subject: M41B Vintage Sniper


Has the original or reproduction leather cheek piece for the M41B Swedish Mauser been accepted for competition in the Vintage Sniper matches?



Today at 8:38 AM

Mr. xxxxxxx,


 Mark Johnson,

Deputy Chief Operating Officer

Civilian Marksmanship Program

256-835-8455 ext. 1116

MJohnson@thecmp.org "


Some Swedish m/41 sniper rifle specific photos;

these will also apply to scoped M96 usage & also to the similar commercial Mauser 98 designs

Photos of other scoped rifles will be added in due course