I hand make all the scope caps that I sell

With one or two minor exceptions, ALL the scope caps are detailed from close study of several sets of original scope caps for each model in question;

either from my own collection, museums or other private collectors.

As the number and models of telescopic sight available are quite high, I don't have an exhaustive list of models that are available "from stock", BUT

where you require a set of scope caps that are of a similar construction to the ones shown elsewhere on this site,

I can easily work from your dimensions to provide you with the end product you need....or I can work from period catalogues & old photographs, etc.

Two such projects were a set of scope caps for a David Lloyd rifle & a set of caps for an old American K2.5 scope that was fitted into a STITH MOUNT;

for the latter one I was lucky to not only have the identical Stith in my own collection, but a couple of sets of period Stith scope caps.

Should you need scope caps for a commercially made telescopic sight that is not listed below yet, please contact me to make arrangements for a set being made to order...