WW1 Misc.

With interest in all things WW1 being rekindled due to the many 100 year anniversary events worldwide, I have been asked to make up a few more items from this period.


Luckily, the archives in the English speaking world are still intact for the most part, so original plans & drawings are readily accessible...which makes things easy for once.

This applies to most British, American & Commonwealth/Empire leather equipment & accessories.

For German based items I was given a rare stroke of luck some years back on the well known online auction site, as I had been keeping a close eye on a 1916 era civilian manual/handbook - the sort thing that makes an old family bible look like a pamphlet.

Although written in olde Gothic typed script, the book is THE source for most WW1 era German leather equipment, as it has a substantial pocket on the inside rear cover.

The pocket contents being several dozen full-sized plans for field equipment, ranging from belts to frogs to Gew.98 ammunition pouches to bayonet frogs to entrenching tool carriers, etc.

Research as ever continues, so if you need any items making let me know.