A new venture, sort of...

I was briefly involved in a specialist Mini Cooper Italian Job bonnet straps project from around 2001 to 2003;

this has now been revived due to recent demand. Not only revived, but improved & updated!

I am also able, due to the nature of my skills base, to offer a unique bespoke service for classic cars:

Bonnet straps, for such classic cars as the Jaguar XK

(& others that use a centrally mounted strap with a buckle at each end & two longer side straps connecting to the central strap)

Mini leather door stops,

classic car luggage straps & roof-rack straps,

Lift-the-Dot fittings & straps

(for fitting tonneau & trailer covers),

gear stick gaiters,  etc.

An interesting project, a batch of leather bonnet & spare wheel straps for the Bugatti 35's
being made by Just RV's in Lincoln.
More details to follow, as well as information on the Type 35 project as featured in TKC magazine.
Bugatti Molsheim Type 35

I can also repair some of your original car accessories & parts (leather ones of course, not into doing cylinder heads & piston rings)

& make working replicas of your original leather items.

I can also work from scale drawings & photographs if needed;

more often out of necessity as at times there is little else to work from!

Check the sub-headings for what is currently on offer

& please drop me an email if you are interested in having an item made for your classic car.