I make both military pattern and commercial/civilian scabbards.

Have a look at a few of the scabbard options available, by clicking on the various hotlinks at the side of the page or by using the search-bar.

As a collector I have quite an extensive library of knife reference books, which I am constantly adding to,
so I'm happy to discuss other scabbard designs that you may require that may not be listed here, yet.

Down-time away from the then-inaccessible website (& workbench to some lesser extent)
has seen me add to the reference book collection as well as the cutlery collection in several areas that had previously eluded me;
the more sources to hand, the better the end result.


U.S.M.C. Marine "Force Raider" Stiletto scabbard

Repro's of most the commonly seen versions are now available.

Or, for the more salty collector, what about a U.S. Navy V-42 scabbard, as issued on the U.S.S. Omaha?

Very similar to the above scabbard, but with the name of the ship & a some other additional lettering added.

Watch this space for updates


Gerber Mark II

Several variants of the VietNam era scabbards exist, and luckily, I have access to, or own, several such examples
(most options as per the original factory scabbards will be available) -
and if people thought my M6 scabbards were good, they will lose it when they see the Gerber scabbards!
Put another way, I spent around 3 decades so far on the M3 knife/M6 scabbard project, as I really like the design of both:
I love the Gerber II knives - this minor difference will be beyond obvious in the end results.....

 Watch this space for updates


Randall Made Knives

Byrd, Johnson & Moore type scabbards

Mainly for the Randall Fighter (the Model 1 in modern parlance), but also for the post-WW2/VietNam era knives.
I have made a few of these scabbards for specialist UK collectors; Johnson rough-back, anyone?? well as a few Randall owners who needed a more modern scabbard with some design features on it that were not a factory option


John Ek

WW2 pattern knife scabbards.
Simple scabbards for a very simple, yet effective knife design.


Also...modern working/practical scabbards for the Gerber II, Ek stiletto & similar military knives

100% handmade for real world conditions