Cavalry Y-straps

Cavalry Y-Straps

Made to the basic cavalry pattern, these are a slightly different design than the later WW2 Infantry style, being plainer and with fewer parts.

Not that many people would have an interest in obtaining a set of these straps,

 were it not for the fact that this is the Y-strap that was most commonly issued to the elite WW2 Fallschirmjager (paratrooper) units.

These also saw more widespread use in the latter stages of WW2 as equipment shortages became more commonplace.


These Y-straps are mainly seen in brown/tan colour - though later WW2 ones have been noted that were black.

Either colour can be supplied.

These y-straps are 100% hand-made & hand-sewn, exactly following original patterns.

These are made in Britain by myself & should not be confused with the inferior imported versions made from badly tanned leather.

The leather used is full grain vegetable tanned saddlery hide, approx. 3.5-4mm thick,

with the outer hair cell side innermost (as per originals)

(Matching WW2 belts can also be ordered at the same time)