WW2 - Russian/Soviet

Russian WW2 scope caps available are:

PE & PE 'M'

The early Soviet scopes were very similar to each other...and the scope caps are visually similar, but not identical in size.

If you are unsure of the correct scope designation that you need,
you must send the objective and eyepiece diameters to me so I can ensure a correct fit.

SVT-40  &  PU

This pattern of scope cap was used for both the SVT-40 telescopic sight and also the similar-looking PU scope.

NOTE: as with the PE & PE'M' scopes, there is a size difference between the 2, so if you are unsure of which scope you have please send size information at the time of ordering.

This model is available in a variety of colours, in keeping with the originals that have been examined.

Each set is a standard price of $100US, which includes worldwide P&P