A recent auction purchase, and one that was made solely for use of the item as a donor/pattern to make more of the same .

Quite unusual, but well made and well thought out.
I'd only ever seen the Jack Knife used on a string loop,  and/or attached to a plain leather loop/spring clip assembly - very common with the WW2 Home Guard soldiers.

This item takes a different approach, as the Jack Knife is fully retained in the open top pouch with the added security
(to prevent accidental loss) of a small spring clip on the front side of the belt loop section

These will be copied exactly as per the original, shown below,
but with a couple of minor adjustments to smarten them up & to allow for use of modern fittings.

There will also be a WW2 version available for the shorter Jack Knife issued  then

The WW1 era original pouch