SWEDISH MAUSER m/41B 1955 - sniper rifle accessories

I make several leather accessories to fit the m/41B Sniper rifle;

the "B" suffix after m/41 referring to the 1955 changes that were introduced to the Swedish Mauser sniper rifle.


One of the main items I make are leather cheekrests.

As the original Mauser 96 wood stock is of course designed to align the eye with the fitted iron sights, problems were encountered when telescopic sights were fitted; the head & neck had to stretch away from the support offered by the stock...often causing shooter fatigue and discomfort.


The second item of the trio are the correct Ajack 4x90 scope caps

Based on the same design as originals, showing a heavy German influence, not surprising really as the Ajack was a German made scope.

I can also make scope caps for the AGA scope, by request.


Matching m/41B slings are also available, again, based on the changes from 1955.

Prior to this, users of the m/41 had often used commercial target shooting slings, or modified the Swedish B.A.R. slings.


For more information on the Swedish Mauser sniper rifles, see the books:

"The Crown Jewels" by Dana Jones;

"Neutrality Through Marksmanship" by Doug Bowser,

or the German language book "Die leichten scwedischen Infanteriegewehre Armee und Heimwehr", by Carsten Schinke



Scanned pages/data from the Carsten Schinke book

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