Owned & run by Leon J Barwood, the company was first based in Allstone, MA. & later moved to Stoneham, MA.

The firm had a varied product range pre-war; from water pump seals to musical instrument parts - anything that at the time was best made from leather.

Leon & his wife Annie had a son in 1896, Victor Hugo.

Victor Hugo was to graduate from Harvard in 1916 & serve in the US Army in WW1 as an ordnance Sergeant.

Victor married in 1919 & in 1920 his wife Mabel gave birth to their son - Leon J. - named after Victor's father.

They lived at 55 Elm Street, Stoneham & Victor was employed as a manager at the family firm

(....maybe young L.J. is still alive,  a sprightly 92 year old?)


L. J. Barwood Co. produced 29,000 M6 scabbards at a cost of $0.6483 each.

Of the 6 makers, the Barwood logo was possibly the most interesting.