GANNOCHY "Rapid Loader" - for shotgun cartridges - Lightweight version

The History of the Design

The original Gannochy dates back to 1905, when McArthur & Prain launched their
'GANNOCHY RAPID LOAD' cartridge dispenser
(Patent No. 17825 of 1905)

In their 1905 Patent application they acknowledge the earlier influence of  F. Vetterli's British Patent, No. 4808, of 1881.

So, as can be seen - not a new concept by any means; 150 years & counting....

The name 'Gannochy' is from the Scottish estate where Mr. McArthur was the head keeper; the sole maker being 'W. Prain, Saddler, 18 High Street, Montrose'

Originals made by McArthur & Prain were either 49 cartridge or 100 cartridge capacity.

The original design consisted of a metal frame which fitted into the body of the leather carrier.

A separate magazine holding 4 or 5 of these metal frames, fully loaded with fresh cartridges, allowed for rapid refilling of the Gannochy between drives;

an empty or part empty frame could simply be released from the carrier & a full frame inserted.

Two examples of the original 100-cartridge versions.
The tan Gannochy on the right clearly shows the metal frame held in with 4 leather tabs & the thin spring-metal clips: the latter being made in the London Parker Pen factory that produced metal pen nibs

The Moore Leather - "Lightweight" Gannochy

Initial production of my version of this classic shooting accessory concentrates on the smaller sized 49 cartridge Gannochy, to keep the purchase price within the means of most serious shooters.

The Gannochy I offer is worn slung and on being opened offers seven rows of cartridges, all base uppermost.

The empty weight of the 49 size Gannochy, complete with strap, is approx 1.4kg (3lb), or about the same weight as 35 12-bore cartridges

& it measures approx 20cm (8") by 23cm (9")

The interior of the case has a lightweight frame (weighing just over 650g) supporting seven rows of clips which hold the cartridges securely for quick access.

To aid their easy withdrawal, the rows are staggered in height, in this case 4 low rows & 3 high rows.

The clips are only available in two sizes - one for 12-bore & one for 20-bore; 16-bore cartridges are a somewhat tight fit in the 20-bore clips and a looser fit in the 12-bore clips.

Available in dark or light tan bridle butt leather, other colours are available on request.

Each Gannochy comes with a matching canvas & leather strap as well as full written instructions.

Initials, or other embossed designs, can be added if so desired.
The initial embossing is provided free of charge:
logos or crests will be charged at cost price, providing suitable artwork is supplied by the customer.

The Sam Browne stud fittings for the closing straps can be replaced by more functional Lift-the-Dot fasteners, in matching brass, for an extra charge, if so required.
Standard brass press-studs can also be substituted instead, for no extra fee.

Carry straps can be as in the photo below - khaki - or in a green or brown option, as standard.
I can also supply carry straps in a wide range of stable belt colours if requested; plus some customers have also had additional cartridge clips added to the carry strap.

The idea is to supply the best design of Gannochy to suit your particular needs & provide you with a lifetime of shooting pleasure.

from £450

Current 49 cartridge model. Dark Havana bridle butt leather, all brass fittings, 100% hand sewn throughout, box-stitched corners, edge dyed.


Although my version concentrates on the smaller 49-cartridge size, it is also possible to order a 100-cartridge size Gannochy,

at £690, should you prefer a larger version.

I am also developing intermediate sizes (64 & 81 capacity, £tbc),

as the weight saving of the lighter frame allows more cartridges to be carried with less fatigue.