SA - Finland/Suomi

Not my normal thing, as I don't "make" these, as such, I only convert them to a more suitable configuration for WW2 reenactment.

My bugbear around historical accuracy makes it very difficult to watch most war films without cringing at post-war kit sprawled on the screen.

Having found the many WW2 Finnish movies to be great entertainment & an excellent source of a fresh view on the war, the common issue of post-war items seems to prevail - especially in regard to the SA issue Breadbag

Post-war, the design/layout of the bag changed, though the main shape remained.

The issue with the post-war bag was the adding of extra leather loops on the flap, plus the re-positioning of the belt loops.

I therefore decided to make "new" WW2 SA breadbags; partly brought about by the huge disappointment of the repro. one I ordered from the USA, as it had around 2 dozen major & minor faults...
it was so bad that after a 12 month wait for it, I sent it back within the week for a refund!

In order to have a decent breadbag for my own use I instead sourced some post-war NEW & unissued ones.

Removing said extra loops from a used breadbag leaves tell-tale shadows of darker cloth...doing this with the above new bag = no shadow.


As with my E-tool carrier - I have used my own item for several seasons now to great effect


Details to follow