Canteen lid cork
a.k.a. M-1936 GASKET, CAP,

American Army Water Bottle

1 1/4" diameter, 1/4" thick cork gasket for the WW2 US Army black plastic canteen lid of the M1936, WW2 era canteen.

Made due to several demands & requests for new gaskets from the users of a WWII re-enacting forum;
as soon as I listed them on the site, the "demand" vanished & I sold about 3 in total. Makes sense...

Made from new cork - these will fit the standard WW2 M1936 canteen.
(The WW1 era M1910 all metal canteen, with the metal cap, has a different dia, fitting)

These are a tight fit, but once installed they will return your canteen to as-issued condition (dents, bullet holes & dead spiders excluded....)

£2.50 each
(for qty. of up to 9 =  so 50p cheaper than Epic Militaria - and THEY don't offer the following multi buy discounts!)

10 for £20  (£2.00 ea)

25 for £40 (£1.60 ea)

50 for £70 (£1.40 ea)