I  don't make  rucksacks, purely as hand sewing them would not be time efficient.
Over the years though I have repaired broken parts and straps in several different patterns of rucksack,
so when opportunity allows I can use the skills from such jobs on a bigger project. 
Two such projects are presently taking up some of my time.

I am presently (Spring 2024) renovating around a dozen Swedish M39 rucksacks.
The aim is to make them as good as, or better, than when they left the factory:
All worn leather straps and fittings are being replaced.
Metal frames are being cleaned up and restored where needed.
Broken buckles and other fittings are being replaced with new.
Damaged canvas is being patched/sewn/replaced as required.
The main leather D-loop/pocket that is fitted to the canvas of the pack and takes the metal frame and straps
is also being replaced with a new leather replica assembly, as this area takes so much strain, it makes sense to renew it.
The packs are also being modified to allow use frameless - as not all the dozen came with a frame -
and I had already carried out this modification to my own M39 & for day to day use it makes the rucksack more practical; 
and it is easy enough to convert the rucksack back to frame carry.

More details to follow once the first few restorations are completed.

Once this batch is restored I will be on the look out for more old M39 packs to rebuild.

By this time I will also have the new workshop space up and running, which will allow me the chance to use a sewing machine again for the first time in a couple of decades; which, more than likely, will also see me manufacturing NEW  M39 pattern rucksacks using this new sewing machine and modern Land Rover canvas & a few similar new spec. but old style fittings - made to the correct old spec.

I then hope to use the skills gained from making the M39 packs, to let me make up some of the various Finnish Rucksacks as used in WW2.


A mixed batch of the plain green PLCE 90 Bergens is also under restoration.  Their plain green colour makes them a much better choice for use when a modern MTP or even a DPM version could draw attention - solid plain green is much more likely to be  just viewed as a civvy rucksack especially given the time that's passed since the MoD did issue green webbing kit.
Any broken straps, clips and buckles have all been repaired or replaced.
New metal frames made up for the internal pockets.
Packs checked for serviceability, wear and tear; some being selected for upgrading with extra utility pouches and other mods., with this area being the bottleneck due to difficulty sourcing good condition donor pouches.

More details to follow.

......and for a slightly smaller project...

US Army M1941 Mountain Rucksack RATTAN frame
...restoration project...

Another rucksack themed repair/renovation, to a very early US M1941 Mountain Rucksack frame.
The frame under repair/renovation is one of the RATTAN types - which is how I identified it as very early M1941, not a common M1942.
I am taking this job slowly as these RATTAN frames were not used in large numbers so there cannot be too many of them outside of private collections or museums, let alone here in the UK.

One of the difficulties because of the limited use of this model, is finding out how much has been added to the frame that should not be there, and what should be on the frame but has been removed....

The "before" photos of the M1941 rattan frame
Thought they'd be of interest to any enthusiasts of the WW2 US Army Rucksack models,
as I was unable to find much information about them online.