Almost as common at one time as the Golok No.2, the old post-war designed MoD Para or Survival knife is a beast of a thing,
closer to a axe than a Bowie knife in some ways, as the blade is extremely thick -  making for a very heavy tool.

The issue scabbards I have seen are surprisingly, for an MoD item, very well designed...the problem being that after a few years of service, carrying such a heavy knife in all conditions, they show their age and start to show wear & tear & damage/misuse/poor handling....

The basic MoD scabbard can be replicated, or, given the use of these knives for bushcraft & wild camping,
it is easy to add extra features to the scabbard to carry extras/essentials for fire lighting, sharpening, etc.

As well as making new scabbards, it may also  be possible to repair older ones, as needed....

Watch this space for further details