WW2 - UK
Fairbairn Sykes commando knife

Several patterns of F~S (Fairbairn Sykes) commando knife scabbard can be supplied.

The more common are:

1st Pattern,

with a leather retaining strap fastened by a small press stud

These can be with or without the tab/wings on the scabbard body, as per your requirements


2nd Pattern,

with the elastic retaining strap - the CORRECT weave & width of brown elastic is used for these & subsequent patterns.

Again, these can be supplied with/without tabs, as required.

They can be supplied as per the picture below, or with the added re-enforcement piece near where the elastic is sewn on...

£50 each

  Less common F-S scabbard versions

"Shanghai Police" type

Made to suit your blade type/length, etc. as obviously the Police knives were a lot shorter than the WW2 army issue knives.

Price on application


S.O.E. "Camp X" type

Photos to follow...

(I was in a hurry to post the scabbard & forgot to take some!!)

Price on application



Custom options available


Round or flat bottomed scabbard chapes (flat ones presently out of stock) can be used for the F~S scabbards, as per customer preference.

The chapes I fit can be attached with either a single rivet, or by a blackened brass staple; state your preference when ordering.


I only use the correct war-time specification of brown elastic - which is 1/2" wide with a nice even parallel weave to it.

I also offer a range of leather straps with either a brass or chrome plated fastener


Any acknowledged pattern of FS scabbard can be made on request, as long as it has been referenced in one of the main research books on FS knives.

This would cover the Shangai versions & the S.O.E. "Camp X" versions (both as per the above photos),

the U.S. Marine Corps "Force Raider" & 1st Special Service Brigade V-42 scabbards;

as well as other foreign designs, arm/leg scabbards, darker patterned leather riveted designs, etc.


I also make a dedicated belt/leg strap assembly for the F~S knife scabbards.

This is based on a genuine WW2 example that I examined, which gave the appearance of either being a private purchase item or a well executed home-made design.

This combined belt/leg strap assembly allows use/wear of the F~S knife independent of any other equipment & webbing

& would have been ideal for covert units, S.O.E. agents, lightly equipped desert or jungle fighters, aircrew, etc.