WW2 - US
Cattaraugus 225Q Knife

Photograph below shows an original scabbard (darker) & my reproduction below it.

My Cattaraugus 225Q scabbards are copied exactly from the originals in my collection - same leather thickness, stitch spacing, etc.

While the colour may seem too light, it IS authentic, as the new scabbard has not yet been oiled or given any leather/hide food

 - nor has it experienced a few decades of UV light, etc.. -

so, as with my other WW2 scabbards, it is the correct shade & as issued with the knives pre-1945.

Closing snap fitting IS a USA made type, though not the decorative WW2 version;

if I find another fitting closer to the WW2 type I will start to use that instead of the plain one.

Happy to provide further photographs on request

£55 ea.,

 inc. P&P worldwide