WW2 - British

British WW2 scope caps available are:

Pattern 18 for the No.3(T)

The same scope caps as per the WW1 listings; the early WW2 use of the No.3(T)

~ the designation of the sniper version of the Pattern '14 Winchester rifle ~

means that these scope caps are good for WW2 too, as the No.4(T) was not developed until the mid-part of the war.


(US $105/ Swedish 690Kr / Euro €80)

includes P&P worldwide

Scope NOT included!

No.32 Scope Caps

Made to fit all versions of the No.32 scope, ALL versions of the No.32 caps below are made to W.W.2 O.S. (Optical Stores) specifications.

The author Peter Laidler has commented very highly on the build quality & workmanship of these caps; as he had direct input into my re-manufacturing them.

All three versions are stamped twice after they have been checked ...an outer mark on the leather is the British Ordnance "Broad Arrow" mark,

and secondly, the red ink O.S. number on the inner edge of the connecting strap.

£65 each includes P&P worldwide

(US $105/ Swedish 690Kr / Euro €80)

1st Pattern

As the name implies, the first version of the No.32 scope caps.

Made to traditional design, they had a plain connecting strap.

Soon replaced in service by the 2nd Pattern, below.

Ideal for earlier Marks of No.32 scope...

2nd Pattern

The 2nd Pattern No.32 caps differ from the 1st Pattern scope caps above only in regard to the retaining loop added near the objective end of the connecting strap.

The loop retains the caps on the scope in use, to prevent inadvertent loss in the field.

Ideal for all three Marks of No.32 scope.

2nd Pattern - RARE VARIATION

As with the normal 2nd Pattern scope caps, the one shown below will suit any model of No.32 scope.

However, the ones below are based on the MUCH less common darker creased leather versions

(I have based these reproductions on several original sets of this pattern that I was asked to repair for a collector)

I only have enough of this leather to offer a few sets of this scope cap

UK£78 / US$125 / SwKr830 /€96 a set

pics to follow

3rd Pattern

The final war-time version of the No.32 scope caps

(also saw continued service post-1945 in slightly modified form - see other listings for details)

More suitable for the Mark 2 & Mark 3 scopes.

Made with a more complicated 3-part connecting strap, using a brass or nickel stud & a fixed loop.