British - Home Guard -
1939 Bayonet Frog

The most commonly seen bayonet frog used by the Home Guard was the 1939 Pattern.
This was made using a special "wrinkled" leather, the same leather also being used on the issued Leather Anklets.

The frog was a basic design, and could hold a standard 1914 Pattern Bayonet Scabbard, as well as the US version, for the M1917 Bayonet Scabbard - this version sometimes being the earlier type, with the M1910 equipment hanger hook permanently attached to the scabbard for easy fitting to the US webbing cartridge belt.

The Frog is hand-sewn, and the copper hose fittings used are correct gauge, plus the washers are tinned, as per requirements.

I also add a Broad Arrow mark to these, plus a date stamp; I'm looking to also use an authentic looking maker stamp soon too!