These cleaning sticks have been around in one form or another for about 120 years now.
The ones I offer are a two piece design, based on an original Parker Hale example in my collection.

Used for the the WW1 Pattern 14 No.3(T) & the No.1 SMLE, the Canadian Ross, the WW2  No.4(T) & the .303 Bren gun; as well as with US issued .30-06 M1903 Springfield & .30-06 M1917 rifles.

Also found in the spares/cleaning kit for the more recent 7.62x51 Parker Hale target & sniper rifles;
such as the 1200TX/M82/M85/M87  & the Commonwealth C3 & C3A1 sniper rifles, etc.

I'm happy to supply these with an additional "ordnance stamp" at no extra charge, if such a thing is of interest.
(The UK W.D./MoD mark is a "broad arrow", the US DoD mark is a "flaming grenade".)

I can also add rifle serial numbers free of charge.

Other details can be added on an "at-cost" basis.
(Club or Association name, rifle maker name, company logos, etc. as I have to get special stamps made up)

£15 each, posted