I give full recommendation to the excellent American made Fiebings branded leather care products, especially the following,

as for some years now I have personally used their Mink Oil Paste, as well as their Aussie Leather Dressing.

The Aussie Leather dressing is comparable to the UK product Ko-Cho-Line.

I have not noticed any discernible difference between the two in use & if anything the Fiebings product is cleaner to use

& causes less initial colour change to the leather.

The Mink Oil Paste is a very easy to use product that is ideal for regular applications to your leather items.

If I was not 100% confident that these products are equal to, or better than, my previous recommendation (below) I would not be promoting them!

If you cannot find a local stockist of either of the above I can easily supply you directly.


I will continue to source other leather treatment products, adding details here as I find them


For at least the previous 17+ years I HAD recommended a leather dressing called KO-CHO-LINE (pronounced Coachleen)

From October 2016 I withdrew my recommendation for this product, plus I no longer personally use any of the other Carr, Day & Martin manufactured leather care range.

This was due to management decisions of the parent company - Tangerine Holdings/Group - as irrespective of my past order history, etc., they seem to think that I have only dealt with them once, in 2015.

Plus as I don't have "a shop-front store" I am not deemed worthy of their business!

Prior to the Tangerine Holdings buy-out, Carr Day & Martin were a great traditional, efficient, British firm.

Now, well, no comment!!