As I own a couple of different Hot Foil Embossing machines, I frequently add small text blocks or logos to the items I make -
either using a metallic foil to give the text/logo a gold, silver or bronze look,
or using one of the plasticised solid colours for a regular coloured appearance.
The impression can also be made using no foil or film, to make a plain indented image
- or a slight "burnt in" effect depending on the heat setting of the machine.

I use standard text blocks in a holder for this,
or I can have a dedicated stamp made up that allows any plain solid image to become an embossing stamp.
The donor image for the latter needs to be plain black/white as the stamp is produced by acid etching.

While embossing has a place in the reproduction items I make, it also has other practical applications - to give one example,
it is very useful for making custom leather badges and  keyrings, etc. for motor sports enthusiasts and keen amateur petrol heads.
The badges can be made as a sew-on design, with perforated sewing holes around the edge,
or they can have Velcro backing for easier application & removal.

Leather drinks coasters can be made in the same way, whether for the living room, man cave or club house  -
and the use of a small cutting press allows for very uniform products in whatever shape is required.

Designs and items made in this way can easily be repeated with minor changes for continuity reasons, esp. for clubs and the like, or to celebrate annual events or regular shows. meets, fundraisers, etc.


As mentioned in the data about the Embossing above, the small clicker press which takes up some space in the workshop also has a place as a small run production machine for repetitive manufacture of leather and other items,
such as key-rings, coasters, craft kit parts,  rubber mudguards, etc,
Anything two dimensional that fits onto an A4 sheet can be cut out with this press,  within reason, as special dies need to be made up
(very similar in design to the ginger bread man type stamp used for cutting shapes from dough, but much stronger to allow it to cut leather)

This option ios idea for schools and craft groups, hobby makers, Scouts groups, small manufacturers, etc.