Finland - SA - Suomi Engineer Axe Cover/Carrier

A project made in the time away from access to the website,
this cover is to allow safe carry of the very heavy and substantial felling axe issued to Finnish troops in WW2.

The design is based on originals, using Finnish sourced metal fittings wherever possible.

Lots of attention to detail and hand-sewing - done very carefully, as the template was made using the original very sharp axe as the subject.
Heavy and razor sharp is not a combination to treat lightly.
The end result was quite well received by the owner of the axe,
and the combination shown in the photos below has taken display space at a few UK shows in the last year or two...

Once an example of the smaller SA issued axe can be located, covers for that model will also become available.
Watch this space....

.,..and in case it's not obvious, the carrier part that is fastened to the wooden handle of the axe is the part that slides onto the belt.
In carry mode, the axe head faces downwards,  handle upwards -
and when the axe is needed for a task, the belt loops' handle strap is undone, the spring clip removed from the D-ring,
the axe can then be taken out of the cover.
Attaching  the axe back to the carrier is the reverse -
put the axe back into the cover, clip the cover onto the D-ring, then fasten the handle strap on the belt loop.

Easy, do all  that with some Soviet types trying to get your attention for all the wrong reasons!