A few  random items that may be of interest to passing site visitors & my regular customers.
Some of the items on this page will be very much a one-off or extremely limited availability.

The items here tend to be the sort of thing I sometimes take in part deals or in lieu of cash payment, so as they don't come from a regular source/supplier...and as such cannot be repeated....when they are gone they are gone.

WW1  - reproduction SD tunics
Labels mainly present but not readable.
Maker labels not present, but these have the look of Kay Canvas made jackets, or Epic - roughly  50/50 mix.  Several chest sizes available: 38", 40", 42", 44", 46" and  48"
£95 ea., plus P&P

Also, another of the same design/make, but approx. 32" chest
Bantam Battalion, or a child size?
£50, plus P&P 

WW2 British Military Police - White '37 Pattern Webbing set
White Blanco'd 37 Pattern webbing set & accessories;
belt, cross-strap, strap extender, Webley revolver holster & revolver ammo pouch; also available are the matching white canvas anklets.
The set can be completed with a Guards style peaked cap c/w red cover & RMP cap-badge, an MP armband,  plus some cloth CMP insignia. Add a Battledress Blouse of your preference for an instant MP impression.

£ price to follow